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Rotated sleeping bag sprite 90* Removed gork head drops Improved boar charge attack Fixed large wooden gate sprite Fixed bug with dragon flashing red Modified draw depth of flying NPC's Added loot all button to containers Fixed several typo's, still lot's more I am sure Fixed unequipping and reequipping items producing a misleading notification Fixed player offhand weapon/tool being visible when

Hiya guys, After a few weeks of the site being offline we are finally back! We are extremely excited to announce that will shortly be releasing details on our latest game that has been in development for just over a year, so stay tuned for that! Have a great weekend!

  I am extremely excited to announce that Amethlion has just released on steam, what a way to enjoy a bank holiday huh? Amethlion is now bigger and better than ever thanks to all your feedback and ideas over the past few weeks. Get amethlion on Steam now! - Here is the latest changes up to

Fixed floating torch bug Added level requirements for weapon crafting Added smithing experience for crafting weapons experience Fixed crafting menu flicker and tab remembrance Solids no longer block player when following and npc Changed all instances to use layers instead of depth - this should stop all flickering Increased Gork health and damage by 10 and 2 respectively Fixed and