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Fixed floating torch bug Added level requirements for weapon crafting Added smithing experience for crafting weapons experience Fixed crafting menu flicker and tab remembrance Solids no longer block player when following and npc Changed all instances to use layers instead of depth - this should stop all flickering Increased Gork health and damage by 10 and 2 respectively Fixed and

- version 0.0.25 - Fixed bug near bastion mines which meant creatures could spawn in walls Fixed missing collision box near bastion farmhouse Fixed some issues with resources spawning on paths in the bastion Improved enemy depth sorting Improved enemy collision with resources Improved resource depth sorting, added alpha switch when behind resources Fixed played depth on death Fixed bug with

Hiya guys, As you may have noticed we have recently updated and re-vamped the website! There are a few more changes that will be rolled out in the next few weeks but we are pretty happy with the new design. Any suggestions on how we can improve hit us up on the contact form! We

Hiya guys, Today we are proud to be releasing A Tale of Survival version 1.4.3 which will shortly be available on all our currently supported platforms! Version 1.4.3 - Added playable female characters to the game with all customization! Added gender change option to character creation menu Improved targeting when attacking and gathering resources Growing resources can now be

Hiya guys, Say hello to version 1.3.0 of A Tale of Survival! This version features a few key bug fixes, new in-app purchasable re-spawns and optimisations! -Version 1.3.0 - Fixed bug which would allow multitudes of poison dot to be added to the player Fixed bug with some enemies multiplying on save Fixed bug with cave walls disappearing in dungeons Added