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Hiya guys, After a brief period of maintenance we are back on-line! We have been working on a fresh new style for the website as-well as adding some extra functionality that was not there beforehand. Among the new features of the website is a brand new countdown timer (Currently on the homepage) which shows

Hiya guys! Today's patch includes a new enemy type, various bug fixes, several new items and lots more sounds! version 1.1.70 - (9-5-14) • Added a full new theme song – time to die! • Added new water based enemy – The sea snake • Increased distance that items can be picked up by • Items can now be picked up while

Hiya guys! Today's update includes Quivers, a new hat type, slightly revised gui layout and some balance tweaks, enjoy! version 1.1.67 (4-6-14) - • Fixed bug with some game files not being deleted when removing a character • Added a new gui element to allow zooming in and out of the game view • Fixed bug that was preventing the correct

Hiya guys, Here is another small update just to address some of the problems people are currently experiencing when interacting with resources. This update also includes a few bug fixes and minor optimisations. We have also re-developed the way that global map collisions are managed to be now far more efficient and implemented this